Friday, 3 June 2011

How far is inovative technique, conforming to the convention?

My thought here is; is it actually impossible to be innovative in art? I want to point out this is just a quick post throwing out an idea that’s been floating through my head. Being Innovative isn’t necessarily an aim of art but the striving to create an memorable impression is – most of the time. Usually artists try to incorporate some sort of Avant-Guard element. But is this not conforming to a convention that’s been happening for centuries. I don’t think that this is a bad thing but it came to mind as I was thinking about my own art style. I have been thinking of how I can combine different mediums, I wanted to make it innovative but in my thought process I came to some ideas that had been lost in this want to create something new; it lacked the depth that my art at the moment has. My answer was to start experimenting as soon as exams are over; this, I’m looking forward to! But the convention of art is very interesting. I still stand by art itself can’t be confined to a specific convention but maybe the pattern of art movements can? Ah well this post wasn’t meant to be refined or concluded really. Sorry if it made no sense =)

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